Hoping water reaches people in needThe water you sprinkle (uchimizu) will turn into blessed rain somewhere in the world.

Let's Uchimizu!

Water is the source of all life. People can’t survive without it.
The reality is that many of them die from diseases caused by unsafe water.
People need clean water in order to live.
Clean water is also vital to ensure good hygiene
to fight against the novel coronavirus in the new normal.

The origin of such water is rain that moistens the earth.
Water around us evaporates by solar energy. Water vapor rises, cools and condenses, makes up clouds in the sky, and falls as rain on the ground.

This everlasting cycle, if there is sun, is driven on a global scale and has given rise to life for billions of years.
Uchimizu water that you sprinkle also evaporates, cools off the ground, turns into clouds, and falls as rain somewhere in the world.

Imagine where the water goes.
Consider those who need clean water.
Wish someone in the world safe and good health.
It’s only uchimizu, but it’s still a big deal.
Small actions that everyone of us takes add up to a big difference over time.

Let’s uchimizu this summer in the hope
that water will reach people
suffering from water shortages,
who need clean water.
Give it a try!

The Japan Water Forum (JWF), which also serves as secretariat for the Mission Uchimizu Headquarters makes a substantial contribution to the solution of global water issues towards a world where everyone enjoys the lasting benefits and values of safe water.
For more details, please visit the JWF’s website.

The Japan Water Forum (JWF)

The Japan Water Forum (JWF)

This is supported by the River Fund of The River Foundation , Japan.