How to Do Uchimizu in the Reiwa Period

  • 1
    Prepare water and containers

    Prepare and use safe secondary water while trying not to waste precious water. Click here for more details. Prepare containers to store water. Choose them from domestic articles, such as buckets, pots, bottles, jars, etc.

  • 2
    Sprinkle water

    Go outside and splash water with ladle. You may also use your hands or pour from watering cans or PET bottles.
    *Pay attention to your surroundings when sprinkling water on streets.

  • 3
    Feel the cool breeze

    See if you feel the cool breeze. If it made you feel good, make it a daily habit!
    After sprinkling water, share your experience on social media.

*It is effective to sprinkle water not only on streets but on roofs and balconies, against walls, and around air-conditioners both in the sun and the shade.

*There is an advice that it is more effective to sprinkle water in well-ventilated places and over as wide an area as possible. Some say it is more effective to sprinkle water during the early hours of the morning and in the evening or in the shade rather than in the sun. Others say it is effective to sprinkle water during the daytime and in the sun to mitigate the heat reflected from roads.
You can enjoy sprinkling water in whatever way you like. Please try various methods!

Reiwa-Style Uchimizu in the Era of New NormalConsideration of the safety
of water for uchimizu
and hygiene issues

One aim of Mission Uchimizu is to encourage people to use and re-use precious water wisely.
Participants are also advised to consider the safety of water for uchimizu.

Uchimizu at Home

If nobody in the household is suspected of having an infectious disease, reuse water from a kiddie pool or foot-bath, leftover bathwater, etc.
Get through the hot summer by using precious and safe water wisely. You can also use rainwater you've collected.

Uchimizu in Shops

If you find it difficult to sprinkle safe secondary water, spraying a mist of tap water is an option to mitigate the summer heat and save energy.

Uchimizu at Event Sites

You are recommended to use recycled wastewater that was highly treated through additional filtration and disinfection processes, such as through ozonation process.
Please pay attention to the following points in hosting events:

  • Social distancing of staff, participants and audience
  • Hygiene of equipment shared by participants, such as ladles and buckets
  • Health management of staff and participants


Follow the local laws and regulations.
For safety reasons, do not sprinkle water on a busy street, at a curve of the road, at junctions and on a utility hole.
To prevent heat-related illness, stay cool and hydrated.