The old custom of sprinkling water with a ladle on streets and gardens, called "UCHIMIZU",
is a more well-known example of the use of water in Japan's daily living.

People sprinkle water, especially in the summer time,
in their house entrances and gardens or in front of their shops to lay the dust or to ease the heat.

In this example, people use water to feel its coolness.


Spraying water on the streets and sidewalks to cool down summer heat.

  • A

    Prepare containers to store water. Choose from domestic articles, such as buckets, pots, bottles, jars, etc.

  • B

    Pour secondary water such as rainwater, leftover bath water, drainage from exterior unit of air-conditioner into the container above. Do not use tap water only for this purpose.

  • C

    Go Outside in the sun and splash water with ladle. You may also use your hands or pour directly from watering cans or PET bottles.
    [!] Wear a hat or a cap if available to protect you from the sun.

  • D

    It works not only on road surfaces, but also on roofs, verandahs, walls, both in sunny place and shade.

  • E

    See if you feel the cool breeze. If it feels good make it a daily habit. Report the results with your comments to the headquarters.


Keep in your mind the following when enjoying UCHIMIZU.

  • 1

    Watch out for cars. Do not bother passers-by.

  • 2

    Be aware of passers-by and other participants.
    Refrain yourself from watering on busy streets.
    Sprinkle water in a quiet and safe place.
    DO NOT WATER at curves, crossroads, or over manhole covers.
    It makes the street highly slippery.

  • Car drivers and bike riders:

    Please be careful when entering watered areas.

Thank you for your cooperation.